heaven knows

my life in grey

Yes, it’s finally holiday for me. For this 1 miserable week. But.. it’s better than nothing. After months of madness, this holiday is going to be a nice relaxing one for me. I plan to… clean out my horrendous room, watch the movies I downloaded and stole, read some novels and just laze around a bit.


I’ve just ventured into Good Charlotte’s new album… Some songs are pretty good. In fact, there’s even a song that’s dedicated to God. Wow… I’m amazed. It’s a really good album. “Harlow’s Song” is very very nice..


Right Where I Belong

As I leave the empty station

First thing I see is the sun over the mountains

West Hastings street, anxiously waiting

That’s when I feel that God is all around me

And I don’t know where to begin

To say I’m sorry for my sins

So I collapse into your arms

I’m sorry it took me so long

Out here, for me to find my way back home

I didn’t have a reason

For when I stopped believing

But I need you to know

That I’m right where I belong

Now I see everything clearly

In the rearview

That you were right beside me

So long ago, my voice of reason

It disappeared, along with my convictions

And now I know where it begins

Accept forgiveness for my sins

And just collapse into your open arms

I’m sorry it took me so long

Out here, for me to find my way back home

I didn’t have a reason

For when I stopped believing

But I need you to know

That I’m right where I belong

If all we are is where we’ve been

Then I know where I want to be

No matter how far I drift again

You keep a light on for me

Out here, so i can find my way back home

I didn’t have a reason

For when I stopped believing

But I need you to know

That I’m right where I belong now, with you

So I’ll stay quiet in your arms

Words don’t have a meaning

There’s no use in repeating

But I need you to know

That I’m right where I belong



Counting down to the last hours before the exam. I’m thinking of how to make those hours well accounted for now. 6 subjects to study for a 4 hour continuous exam. It’s just natural that some of us will lose our minds at the end of it. The moment I’m sort of done studying my physics, I kind of think that I’ve forgotten like 40% of my anatomy. Damn… Can’t they at least separate the 2 papers??


Anyway… today’s the all-nighter day in order to prep up for tomorrow’s battle!! It’s either I kill the paper or I’ll be killed by the paper. RAWR~!! After that, I’m just gonna throw everything aside and enjoy my 1 week’s worth of break. Looking forward to it already… *sob sob*

Yes people, I’m blogging again. LOL!!! Sorry for the temporary abandon-ment.


Hmm…let’s see what has happened over the days/weeks/months…


Life’s been revolving a lot around academics and clinicals. Been going to clinics and hospitals a lot. Met different people in the hospital everyday. Some which are so young but are terminally ill. Some who tell me that their traditional “Kampung” medicine of some carrot juice mix helped cure his Urinary Tract Infection. Just funny stories all around and almost everytime that I’m there.


College’s been….err… kind of “interesting” as well. There’s a psycho in my class which I highly classify him as having bipolar disorder. My new batch of juniors just came in last week. Without a doubt… all of them are older than me. LOL!! But… half of them are doctors. So, I’m not quite sure how it’s going to turn out to be. Them trying to outsmart us seniors?? Don’t bother asking us for any advice or pointers on skill work?? Oh well… we’ll know in time.


Life’s been pretty boring too. Constant studying, studying and more studying. Can’t wait till my 1 week holiday next week. And by the way… my external exam is this Saturday!!! I’m a bit jittery about it. Same as I was for my internal exams. 6 papers, 6 subjects in 4 continuous hours. Total madness I tell you. The internal exam kick started with the Physics paper. I did pretty well in that. From there on, everyday went downhill…and that was a pretty steep hill. Second paper onwards was like, “the heck… I’ve never even heard of this or studied this before”. Yup… I winged 5 papers out of 6. Thankfully, I passed them all gracefully. I’m kind of hoping that I’ll do better in my external exam which is suppose to be a bit harder. I would so like to tell the external exam papers, “JUST DIE ALREADY!!”


And… I’m sure everyone has been pondering and waiting to see his pretty face…


It has been some time since this blog was TOUCHED!!


Days have been pretty busy. If my time wasn’t spent studying or going for classes or doing clinicals, they’re mostly spent either sleeping or hanging out with friends. So yup… got to get out and do stuff while I still have the capability to do so  =P


I recently went on a trip to Genting Highlands during the Awal Muharam holidays. Despite the freak hot weather down here in KL, Genting was surprisingly colder than I thought it would be even during the day. Didn’t do much there actually. We were mostly walking around and hanging out in the apartment. Well… the whole point of the trip was to relax and de-stress. So we did it!!


Back to the academics AGAIN after the holidays. Swell… I didn’t even realise that my 1 of my big exam is mid of next month!! Awesome!! That would mean that I’ve got to put in more time staring at my books. Hopefully and I’m praying that I will pass the exam with flying colours after all the constant studying.


Oh yes…!! I encountered another BLONDE yesterday!! And she’s in my class!! OMG!


While I was typing my report in the college library yesterday, not only did this FELLA shut down her computer, she turned off the main power for all the computers while she was at it. So… my screen suddenly went BLANK when I was halfway through my report. And guess what she said to me? “Oh, I’m sorry…Did I off your computer too?” (in a non-existent innocent tone). Wow… I almost wanted to give her a piece of my mind. I never knew people could be so DUMB!!!


I encountered another blonde while I was in Perhentian as well. Which person in their right mind would grab someone’s leg while they’re swimming?!… IN THE SEA!!… WITHOUT A LIFE JACKET!!! And there always has to be a punch line. She surfaced from the water right after and told me, “Pearly, did you see the fish I tried to show you?”. Priceless… just priceless.

The Perhentian Trip is over… Really sad that it is, but great memories remain  =)


Yup, I spent 3 days 2 nights in Perhentian Island. Although the hotel wasn’t much, but overall it was better than expected. I managed to not get myself burnt into the same colour as my graduation robe…which is a good thing. I went snorkelling for the first time there. Got to see some fishes and a glimpse of a baby shark! Yup, it scared the hell out of me. Especially when I went in snorkelling without my lifejacket and suddenly my friend yelled “SHARK!” underwater. According to him, I almost drowned him because of that. LOL! Unfortunately, I missed seeing turtles due to my stupid motion sickness that decided to hit me at the wrong time.


Although I missed watching the sunrise and the sunset there, I managed to take night strolls along the beach. Found some glowing microorganisms along the water line. Definitely a nice place to go to unwind and just relax.


IMG_1300 39976_420893996085_592296085_5507196_5508596_n 40255_420893666085_592296085_5507170_1881663_n 40463_420893586085_592296085_5507161_7110948_n 44709_420894601085_592296085_5507249_1682900_n IMG_1246 IMG_1289 IMG_1298

And now… it’s back to the busy schedule once again. Been going to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang for the past few days and it’s bloody tiring!! But the experience and what I learn there is good. Found out that I really like working in the hospital. LOL!


It’s going to be another good weekend! Convocation dinner and Convocation is coming up! Can’t wait till I officially graduate and be officially known as a Post Grad student. HAHA!!

I took a practical assessment last friday and finally got an answer today… that I passed!! Totally went in there not prepared at all. All I know was that I was prepared to give it my best shot and do what I can. I think just going in with what you’ve got rather than purposely preparing for it would be the best thing to do. It would genuinely test your own skills and what you’re actually capable of. So now I know mine  =)


Anyways… a senior who recently dropped out of the last semester (part II) came back to pay his coursemates a visit before taking off to Australia tonight. And it was definitely good news to know that he could get a trainee position in Perth even without completing the part II exams. I’m more pumped up to work towards the end of this course!! Can’t wait to go overseas to work and start earning foreign currency. HAHAHAHA!!


I so want to do some shopping. *sob sob*


And yes… I’m going to do something very meaningful soon… Hehe… Will blog about it once it’s done and over with. Till then… back to the busy schedule and not to mention PERHENTIAN TRIP!!

I guess I should have done this a whole lot earlier rather than doing it now. It wasn’t easy. It felt nice, warm and comfy to just be there. But just as the sun will eventually set, all things must come to an end.


I’ve decided to throw it all away. To throw “us” away in whatever context and term that was previously understood. My emotions weighs down but it is something that has to be done sooner if not later.